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Let down by just ONE result on any ACCUMULATOR with between 6 and 10 selections and we will give you a free bet to the value of up to £50 to have another go (T&C's apply).

Tennis (10)
Karl Friberg v Denys Klok
Live 1-1
Cristina Bucsa v Ivonne Cavalle-Reimers
Live 1-1
Marlies Szupper v Francesca Jones
Live 1-1
Simon Beaupain v Stephan Gerritsen
Live 1-1
Adrienn Nagy v Luca Nagymihaly
Live 1-1
Merel Hoedt v Elina Nepliy
Live 1-0
Katerina Stewart v Maria Marfutina
Delayed 1-0
  • 8 Selections
Claudia Coppola v Sarah Beth Grey
Live 1-1
Irene Burillo Escorihuela v Bojana Marinkovic
Live 1-1
Mikhail Youzhny v Saketh Myneni
Live 1-1